One question that always comes to my mind is the question what religion is.

It is a wonderful thing that has helped so many people get up even in their darkest days, that has brought hope to so many lost souls that thought there was no meaning to life.  Yet religion has also started so many wars, has made people hate others that didn’t follow their beliefs.
I personally would call myself an atheist. I used to believe in a god, but then I realized how huge this universe is, and that the god that is described in the bible just doesn’t fit in. I hold the opinion that this earth would be a better place without religion.
A lot of people say that if we didn’t have religion we wouldn’t have morals. I do not share that opinion. So many religious people have killed others. Sometimes even driven by their beliefs. 72 virgins a day keep the doctor away, hm?
What also bugs me is that so many Christians have never read the bible. Please, don’t refer to passages in the bible that you haven’t even read. You don’t like gay people because god doesn’t either? Well, tell me the passage in the bible that says so. Then we can talk.



8 thoughts on “Religion…?

  1. I used to not believe for some of the same reasons you have expressed here. But then, I found that the same seemingly, small earthly God of the Bible is something we are incapable of describing with our limitations. It was an arduous conversion process, but I testify that I was arrogantly wrong.

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    1. Can you tell me what you get out of the belief in god? Is it something that just comes from your heart or can you describe in words what the reason behind your views on religion is? And how did you change from not believing in god to being religious?

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      1. Big questions. I spent a lifetime worrying about this or that outcome and manipulating circumstances to achieve what I thought might be the best result. “What I get out of it” is relief in that I’m not navigating this precarious space alone. The change in me is somewhat succinctly described in a video testimony on my speaking page. I don’t consider myself religious (I am after all quite a partier…) but I do believe in a loving, father-like creator and I do believe in Jesus and miracles quite simply. For me, my belief is 90% logic-based with a final leap. Thank you for asking.

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  2. Religion simply put is observing worship commands. Im a Christian and ive never regretted following Jesus Christ and making him first in my life. You’re describing the worst things from religion. Just because someone associate with a religion, doesn’t mean the religion as a whole is. Are there Christians who do bad things, yes, I yet do things that i regret but that shouldn’t deter you from the faith. What’s the true reason for not believing in Jesus?

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    1. I think it’s great when people take religion as a reason to turn their life around and make it better. I also think that the bible is a great history book. One of the reasons why I personally don’t believe in god is that in the bible there are so many miracles, but nowadays there are none. Why is that? Well, probably because in these days we are able to explain so many things because of science. 1000 years ago that wasn’t necessarily possible. Back then the only explanation was that there must be a higher power. But I feel like we should be smarter today. Maybe there is a higher power, but I don’t believe that it comes in the shape of a man.


      1. But I have to make it known that there are miracles all the time, there are healings, barren women having children, etc…. Well I pray for the unbelievers of Jesus Christ because he is God, the creator of the all, the savior who came as a man who died on a cross and was resurrected and is now living. I can show you so many signs and wonders of God that science cannot explain but only God can prick your heart to believe. Even your stance on science doesn’t explain things unless God wants it explained.


  3. Tell you a secret about humanity: we’re mostly all insane. Insane being the most common state of mind, it is considered normal, and thus not questioned. Religion is merely one of the many, many expressions of that insanity – shared fantasies by groups of people that are very simple expressions of rudimentary psychological issues.

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  4. I just think that it is sad that so many people seem to only see a meaning in life because of “god”. Why can’t they just enjoy the world the way it is and the way we are able to explain it? There are so many beautiful things out there that I try to capture with my camera and every time I look at those photos I realize how lucky we are that we were born into this world. There is no need for a higher power. Just enjoy every day and live your life to the fullest.


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