Love. What a great thing. But is it?

I have always been a person that was able to look at it from the outside. I have never been in love, so it is easy for me to have a neutral opinion. So many of my friends have fallen for someone, and afterwards, quite literally, fallen into a deep whole of lovesickness. How often have I heard „He is the one!“ And then, after a few months, that changed into a „I hate him!“
Maybe love exists, but I think that it only lasts for a moment. 50% of marriages are being divorced. Love that lasts forever? Not so much. Monogamy is not the idea that evolution had in mind for us. Yet so many people search for love. Why is that?
Probably because we humans hate the idea of being alone. If we have a partner, we aren’t lonely. That simple phrase is stuck in our heads.
Would life be easier if we didn’t care about love so much? I don’t know. And until I have fallen in love at least once, I don’t think I will ever be able to answer that question.dsc_0488


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