Alcohol. A lot of people love that stuff. Not so many don’t. I am one of the view that try to stay away from it. Not because I’m an alcoholic, or because I get drunk that easily. No, mainly because I have seen so many people behave like a fool in public.
They say children and drunk people don’t lie. I prefer the children, they are way easier to handle. Plus their truths make much more sense that a drunk persons. Usually what drunk people say comes from a weird state of mind. One or two people who had a drop or two too much aren’t even able to say a clear sentence, all you can hear is senseless mumbling.
Amazing drug! Well actually I prefer cannabis, even tho it is not legal in my country, which I find quite amusing. Almost 88.000 people die in the US per year through alcohol. Numbers about deaths caused by cannabis vary, the highest I could find was 30.000.
If it was that much, it would still be way less than alcohol.

Alcohol is legal, cannabis isn’t. Questionable?



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