Make America great again…?

Donald Trump. Is he going to make America great again or rather bad? That is the big question that almost everyone is asking themselves right now. Well, there are people that are very sure about the direction the US is heading right now. There are the supporters and the opponents.
Most people in Germany are sure that through Trump the world is going to end soon. Nuclear war, here we come! I guess in the US most people (and I say most people only because the majority of voters are Trump supporters, as we know now) that America will rise up to long lost glory again! Yay! Of course that will happen, because of the wonderful, old fashioned, mannerly man with the great respect for every race, gender and sexual preference! Such an amazing president the US has now! That is probably the reason so many people try to move to Canada, because it is just too much greatness for them to handle!
Jokes aside. I don’t know what will happen under Trumps lead. He might make great decisions, he might make bad ones. But I feel like those possibilities are given with every president and we definitely have seen some act like we didn’t expect them at first, so maybe Trump will surprise us…dsc_0200



Alcohol. A lot of people love that stuff. Not so many don’t. I am one of the view that try to stay away from it. Not because I’m an alcoholic, or because I get drunk that easily. No, mainly because I have seen so many people behave like a fool in public.
They say children and drunk people don’t lie. I prefer the children, they are way easier to handle. Plus their truths make much more sense that a drunk persons. Usually what drunk people say comes from a weird state of mind. One or two people who had a drop or two too much aren’t even able to say a clear sentence, all you can hear is senseless mumbling.
Amazing drug! Well actually I prefer cannabis, even tho it is not legal in my country, which I find quite amusing. Almost 88.000 people die in the US per year through alcohol. Numbers about deaths caused by cannabis vary, the highest I could find was 30.000.
If it was that much, it would still be way less than alcohol.

Alcohol is legal, cannabis isn’t. Questionable?



Love. What a great thing. But is it?

I have always been a person that was able to look at it from the outside. I have never been in love, so it is easy for me to have a neutral opinion. So many of my friends have fallen for someone, and afterwards, quite literally, fallen into a deep whole of lovesickness. How often have I heard „He is the one!“ And then, after a few months, that changed into a „I hate him!“
Maybe love exists, but I think that it only lasts for a moment. 50% of marriages are being divorced. Love that lasts forever? Not so much. Monogamy is not the idea that evolution had in mind for us. Yet so many people search for love. Why is that?
Probably because we humans hate the idea of being alone. If we have a partner, we aren’t lonely. That simple phrase is stuck in our heads.
Would life be easier if we didn’t care about love so much? I don’t know. And until I have fallen in love at least once, I don’t think I will ever be able to answer that question.dsc_0488


One question that always comes to my mind is the question what religion is.

It is a wonderful thing that has helped so many people get up even in their darkest days, that has brought hope to so many lost souls that thought there was no meaning to life.  Yet religion has also started so many wars, has made people hate others that didn’t follow their beliefs.
I personally would call myself an atheist. I used to believe in a god, but then I realized how huge this universe is, and that the god that is described in the bible just doesn’t fit in. I hold the opinion that this earth would be a better place without religion.
A lot of people say that if we didn’t have religion we wouldn’t have morals. I do not share that opinion. So many religious people have killed others. Sometimes even driven by their beliefs. 72 virgins a day keep the doctor away, hm?
What also bugs me is that so many Christians have never read the bible. Please, don’t refer to passages in the bible that you haven’t even read. You don’t like gay people because god doesn’t either? Well, tell me the passage in the bible that says so. Then we can talk.